MoistureLink™ G2

Auto Moisture Control

Takes the hassle out of manually controlling by automatically adjusting the metering rolls for accurate discharge moisture.

Remote Access

Stay informed of your dryers status via any web-enabled device. Change the plenum temperature, target discharge moisture and even shut your dryer down remotely.

Fault Notification

In the event the dryer shuts down, the alarm section tells you exactly what shut the system down.

Text & Email Notification

You can receive dryer status notifications on a set time schedule. In the event the dryer shuts down, you will also get a notification.

Remote Trouble Shooting

If needed, a service technician is able to remotely access and troubleshoot your dryer via the standard cellular radio.

Vacuum Cooling

Lower Operating Costs

 The internal fans draw the fresh air through the cooling grain. This recycles this heat which uses up to 50% less gas than conventional grain dryers.

Quiet Operation

The low-speed fans are insulated by 12” of grain which makes the dryer whisper quiet.

Better Grain Quality

The air and temperature are consistent the full length of the dryer providing even drying and moisture. Also, the grain is cooled from the outside in which also helps maintain grain quality.

 StayKleen Design

Minimize Downtime

Keeps the heat deck and cooling section clean. The pressurized plenum pushes the trash into the cooling section.  The unique hopper designed cooling floors channel this trash back into the discharging grain drastically reducing internal cleaning.


Safety Platform

Standard outside platform allows easy access to switches, belts, and motors on the large garner bin with standard access door.


Outside catwalks are standard on all DPXSL and taller dryers and optional on DP and DPSL models. They provide safe access to grain turners, exhaust controls and the outside top of the dryer.

Grain Turner

Improved Grain Quality

By moving the hotter inside grain to the outside of the column (and the cooler outside in) the grain is dried more evenly better maintaining grain quality. This also allows a short “steeping” area for the grain.

Improved Efficiency & Performance

This process increases the output rate of the dryer also providing more efficient operation.

Drag Conveyor

Long Lasting

Chain conveyors move at a relatively low speed moving a mass of grain with minimal friction.

Improved Grain Quality

The low-speed chain gently pushes a mass of grain better maintaining grain quality.

Discharge Chain Conveyors

Standard on all Delux Grain Dryers exceeding 1,500 bushels per hour. Optional on all other models.

Leveling Conveyors

Leveling conveyors are optional on any Delux Grain Dryer.