CTX Tower Series

CTX Tower Series

  • Designed for large farm and commercial drying operations
  • Capacities from 3,200 to 10,000 BPH
  • Exclusive MoistureLink GX™ Grain Dryer Control
  • Rust Free Aluminum Screens
  • Even-Flow Grain Turner
  • StayKleen Heat Deck System
  • Easy-Clean Cooling Floor System

CTX Tower Series Model Comparison Chart

CTX Tower Series ModelCTX3200CTX4000CTX4500CTX5000CTX6500CTX7500CTX10000
Capacity Corn (20%-15%)3,2004,0004,5005,0006,5007,50010,000
Capacity Corn (25%-15%)1,9202,4002,7003,0003,9004,5006,000
Fill Height82'94'94'102'98'102'122'
Leveling Conveyor HP35557.51015
Discharge Conveyor HP35557.51015
Metering HP2222233
Total Dryer HP188237252312392473533
Total Holding3,6104,2904,9445,3526,8648,02810,620
Total CFM166,500205,600235,000258,509329,011387,763528,768
Average BTU Consumption19,101,00022,472,00026,967,00029,663,00037,754,00044,495,00060,676,000

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