MoistureLink™ Dryer Control Update Kit

Retrofit your existing grain dryer with our exclusive MoistureLink Dryer Control panel!

Delux Manufacturing is offering this product as an upgrade to increase your grain dryer’s efficiency and overall performance. Installing our MoistureLink Dryer Control command center is an excellent choice for optimizing the quality of your finished product, without the expense of investing in a brand new dryer.

Here’s what you’ll get when you install our grain dryer control update kit:

Automatic Moisture Control

This feature reduces the need for on-site management by automatically adjusting the metering rolls for accurate discharge moisture.

Automatic Temperature Control

This eliminates issues with manually adjusting the plenum temperature by allowing the user to set and monitor the continuous flow grain dryer’s interior temp remotely.

Remote Access to Valuable Data

Use our portal to adjust plenum temperature, target the grain’s discharge moisture, and perform other functions such as grain dryer shutdown from any web-enabled device.

Bushel Counter

Automatically track grain volume or set the bushel stop function for whatever volume of grain you choose.

Text & Email Notifications

Receive shutdown notification and status updates as frequently as you like, conveniently accessible from your computer or mobile device.