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The best investment for your grain handling system, since 1962.

Delux Manufacturing Company was founded in Axtell, Nebraska in 1962 and later expanded to our current headquarters in Kearney, Nebraska.

Since the early days of our company, we’ve been pushing ahead of the curve to implement the best grain handling and drying solutions for our customers. We were the first company to market a grain dryer using cutting-edge “vacuum cooling” technology, which has since become the industry standard.

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More recently, we raised the bar for grain dryer control systems with the introduction of our signature MoistureLink™ Dryer Controls, eliminating the need for imprecise manual adjustments and on-site monitoring.

Our reliability, high performance standards and world-class reputation for excellence and service has earned the loyal business of our customers for 60 years. We’re proud of our legacy and we look forward to serving the next generations of agricultural innovators.

Our mission is always about our customers

Problem-solving is what we do. Every design we produce and every new tool we develop is focused on reducing labor, minimizing frustration and increasing profits for you. Ready to take a look?

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