We’ve fine-tuned the science of grain drying by creating our own exclusive continuous flow grain dryer features and putting intuitive, efficient engineering and design into every grain dryer we build.

Here are some of the features you’ll get with a Delux continuous flow grain dryer.

Thoughtfully Engineered for Quiet Operation

Delux Manufacturing continuous flow grain dryers are equipped with low-speed internal fans which are insulated by a 12” deep column of grain, making your dryer whisper-quiet. Your Delux Manufacturing grain dryer will be humming away in the background and you’ll barely know it’s there.

Energy-Efficient Vacuum Cooling

Delux Manufacturing was the first company to market a grain dryer with a vacuum cooled design. We still believe that it’s the best choice for our producers. Vacuum cooling works by using internal fans to pull fresh air through the cooling grain. Recycling this heat from the cooling grain results in energy savings of up to 50% over conventional grain dryers!

Grain Dryer Features: Vacuum Cooling
Grain Dryer Features: Catwalks and Platforms
Catwalks and Platforms Give You Easy Access

An outside safety platform comes standard on all models and provides easy access to switches, belts, and motors on the large Garner grain bin via a standard access door. Outside catwalks are standard on all DPXSL and taller dryers and an optional upgrade on DP and DPSL models, allowing safe access to grain turners, exhaust controls and the dryer roof.

StayKleen Design Saves You Time and Labor

Our exclusive StayKleen design keeps the heat deck and cooling section clean. The pressurized plenum pushes the trash into the cooling section. The unique hopper-designed cooling floors channel this trash back into the discharging grain, dramatically reducing the need for frequent internal cleaning.

Consistent Temperature and Air Flow

Our continuous flow grain dryer models maintain a constant temperature and evenly distributed air flow through the entire length of the grain dryer, allowing for exceptionally uniform drying and consistent moisture levels in your finished grain. The grain is cooled from the outside in, helping to maintain quality.

Grain Turners for Exceptional Performance

Our grain turners improve your finished product by circulating the grain column, so that hotter grain is gradually moved to the cooler outside edge and vice versa. The result is a uniform product with an optimal moisture percentage. The system provides a short “steeping” area for the grain. Delux Manufacturing grain turners also increase the output rate of the dryer and improve overall efficiency.

Grain Dryer Features: Consistent Air Flow
Grain Dryer Features: Conveyor Set-Up
Customize Your Conveyor Set-Up

Delux Manufacturing grain dryers are built with chain conveyors that move at a relatively low speed, moving a mass of grain with minimal friction. The benefits of this design are twofold: the low-speed design minimizes wear and tear and extends the life of the conveyor. It is also gentle on the grain, reducing damage to the end product.

Discharge chain conveyors are standard on all Delux Manufacturing continuous flow grain dryers exceeding 1,500 bushels per hour. They are optional on all other models. Leveling conveyors are also an optional upgrade on any Delux Manufacturing grain dryer.