Delux Model Replaces Two Dryers

March/April 2003 Grain Journal

New Delux Model DPSL-14080 low-profile grain dryer at Snider’s Elevator Inc. in Lemasters, PA, is rated at 1,400 bph at five points of removal. Photo by Studio 60, Chambersburg, PA.

When Snider’s Elevator Inc., Lemasters, PA, moved to its present Lemar Road location in 1987, there were already two old grain dryers on the site. While both worked reasonably well, their combined capacity was only 500 to 700 bph at a 5-point removal level.

By the winter of 2001-02, says Co-Owner Paul Snider, the company needed to boost its drying capacity within some strict space requirements.

“We researched four different dryer companies and obtained their literature,” Snider says. One manufacturer in particular – Delux Mfg. Co., Kearney, NE (800-658-3240) – impressed Snider for its claims of efficient and quiet operation.

After talking with some Delux customers, Snider’s Elevator ordered a Delux DPSL-14080 low-profile dryer, rated at 1,400 bph at five points of removal. The installation was performed in-house in June 2002.

“I was impressed with the design,” Snider says, “the internal access for cleaning, the accessibility of the metering roll and the discharge auger. Also, I’m extremely satisfied with the relatively quiet operation, since all fans are located inside the grain dryer.”