Experience Dialed-In Precision With Our Exclusive MoistureLink™ Grain Dryer Controls

We take the guessing game out of automatic moisture control.

MoistureLink™ Grain Dryer Controls

We developed our exclusive MoistureLink™ grain dryer control system in response to our customers’ demand for precise moisture control and monitoring. We integrated this technology into our durable PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) command center, which combines operational controls and moisture controls all in one unit.

MoistureLink Grain Dryer Controls

Here’s what makes our grain dryer controls different:

Automatic Moisture Control

This feature reduces the need for on-site management by automatically adjusting the metering rolls for accurate discharge moisture.

Remote Access

Stay informed of your grain dryer’s status via any web-enabled device. Change the plenum temperature, target discharge moisture and even shut your grain dryer down remotely.

Fault Notifications

In the event the corn dryer shuts down, the alarm section tells you exactly where the error is, saving you time and getting your continuous flow grain dryer up and running again faster.

Remote Trouble-Shooting & Customer Service

If needed, a grain handling system service technician is able to remotely access and troubleshoot your grain dryer via the standard cellular radio.

Text & Email Notifications

You’ll be notified if your grain dryer shuts down unexpectedly or any other status changes occur. You can choose the schedule and frequency of notifications and access all updates from any computer or mobile device.

Record Keeping

Download your grain drying data from the Micro SD card or USB port to review historic outgoing temperature, moisture, and bin number data.